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for String Quartet

Septometry is a short work for string quartet composed in 2022 for the JACK quartet during their residency with the University of Florida Composition Department. “Septometry” is a made up word derived from “sept” meaning the number seven, and “ometry” meaning “the measuring of.” Thus, “Septometry” is “the measuring of sevens,” or perhaps a bit more profoundly, “the study or analysis of the number seven.” This work is composed in 7/8 meter but this isn’t the only seven the title refers to. In something of an homage to Olivier Messiaen, this work utilizes all seven of his modes of limited transposition. While some modes receive more attention than others, they are all used at some point or another. These two intersecting ideas of seven provide the premise for this exciting and challenging work for string quartet.

The award-winning JACK Quartet premiered/recorded this work in April 2022 during a virtual residency with the University of Florida.

Score and parts available for purchase.

Perusal score available on request.

Click here to access the contact page.

Instrumentation: 2 Violins, Viola, and Cello


Duration: About 5 minutes


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