Shining Sun (2020)

for piano


The Final Judgement (2020)

for full orchestra


The War in Heaven (2019)

for full orchestra

Selections from REVELATION (2019)

for SATB choir

Cosmos (2019)

for pierrot ensemble

Transient (2018)

for clarinet choir

Haikus (2018)

for voice and piano


NeveroddoreveN (2018)

for string quartet

Edges (2018)

for unaccompanied cello

Vector (2018)

for piano or woodwind quintet

Gulf Sounds (2017)

for flute and percussion

Chess. (2017)

for piano and two chess players

Sonata (2017)

for clarinet in b-flat and piano 

Bookends (2016)

for violin, violoncello, and piano

Gateway to the West (2016)

for chamber orchestra

Six Preludes for Lent (2016)

for organ

Stalemate (2015)

for full orchestra

Cahokia (2015)

for violoncello and piano

Fantasy, Adagio, and Fugue (2015)

for organ

Eidólons (2015)

for voice and piano

Text by Walt Whitman

A Clear Midnight (2014)

for voice and piano

Text by Walt Whitman

String Quartet "Delphiniums" (2014)

Threnody (2014)

for string orchestra 

Sunset at Lake Virginia (2013)

for piano

Piano Concerto (2013)

for piano and orchestra (or 2 pianos)


Barcarolle No. 2 (2012)

for piano

Quatre Chansons (2013)

for voice and piano

Text by Charles d'Orleans

Chronometry (2013)

for bassoon and piano

Barcarolle (2012)

for piano

Toccata (2012)

for full orchestra


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