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In Memoriam A.C.

In Memoriam A.C.

for organ

This piece was composed in memory of Andrew “Andy” Chopra (1984-2021), who passed away in early 2021 after a long battle with cancer. Andy was an organist, a composer, and a friend. He was technically my first composition teacher back when I was in high school and I wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted to pursue. His early encouragement certainly played a huge role in my musical development. I will always keep fond memories of performing and discussing music together. Many composers have written works in homage to their teachers who have passed, and I felt a work for organ was more than appropriate for Andy. The work is based on one short chant-like figure that reoccurs and develops against a simple ostinato backdrop, initially based on the notes “A” and “C” for Andy’s initials.

Premiered by Anne Laver, organ, on the Fall 2021 Music and Message Series, Syracuse, New York. Additional performance by Ethan McGrath in October 2022 at an AGO Chattanooga chapter event at St. Paul's Episcopal Church. His performance can be heard here.

Instrumentation: Organ


Duration: About 5 minutes


"In memory of Andy Chopra, a friend, an organist, and my first composition teacher"


Winning composition for 2022 Chattanooga AGO Young Composers' Competition

Selected for performance at SCI Region II Annual Conference Fall 2022

Score available for purchase.

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